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Colorado Staging Solutions was formed in 2012 after we tried finding someone to stage a home we were planning to put on the market.  It seemed the prices being charged were a mystery and the furniture and accessories being used were often not up to date.  We formed our three woman team to conquer this problem! We able to transform vacant homes into model homes. In occupied homes, we are able to help homeowners declutter, organize, and arrange furniture pieces to prepare the home for potential buyers.

We are a locally owned small business.  We pride ourselves on our impeccable service, punctuality, communication and satisfied customers.  We own all of our furniture and accessories, which are continuously updated to keep them current. We are excited to work with you and stage your home. Over the past few years we have seen amazing results from houses being staged. Staging truly helps emphasize the positive features of a home. 

​Our designer, Sonia Dingbaum, holds an Associate's Degree in Interior Design and B.F.A. in Graphic Design and holds her HSE Staging Certification. She is ready to make your home shine.  She has an amazing ability to see what potential a property holds and can highlight the positive features of every property.  

Jessica Urbanick and Misty Thompson assist Sonia in the design process by moving furniture, placing accessories and running the behind the scenes aspect of the business.  Jessica is a realtor for her own purposes, which give us easy access to your properties, sparing the hassle of having to meet someone at a property multiple times.

Realtors, have you tried including staging as part of your marketing? We offer attractive realtor payment plans and incentives for trying staging. Call us today and see what we can do for you!

Staging works!  Whether the home is occupied or vacant, we can accentuate the positive features of the home while detracting from any negative aspects. In occupied homes, we offer services from a one time visit offer suggestions of items to be done before listing the home to full service packing unnecessary items into boxes and rearranging furniture. For vacant listings, we offer a variety of packages that include current furniture pieces and accessories. We offer package pricing, so there is no question of what you will be paying, making it easier to work staging into your budget. However, if you do not see a package that works for you or your client, please contact us to discuss other options.